Research Interests

My research program rests upon the assumption that normal and abnormal development must be understood in context. At the center of my work is the family context, characterized by demographic aspects of the family (e.g., income, race), as well as family systems and processes (e.g., parenting, coparenting). Accordingly, throughout my career I have strived to move the literature beyond the identification of “at-risk” families to more contextualized models of risk and protective processes for specific children and families at-risk for specific negative outcomes. Most recently, I have taken this line of research a step further by conducting applied work that aims to improve service delivery options for vulnerable, yet underserved families. Such work necessitates that I move beyond the disciplinary boundaries of clinical child psychology to a perspective informed by public health, the intersection of clinical, developmental, and community psychology, and, most recently, telehealth. This multidisciplinary approach is critical for work that demands the utilization of innovative engagement strategies for working with vulnerable and, in turn, often difficult to recruit and retain families.

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I will be interviewing students for the 2016/17 academic year.

I would be especially interested in supervising doctoral students wishing to work on the following topics:

  • Parenting and youth outcomes in underserved families, including low income and ethnic/racial minority families
  • Engaging underserved families in evidence based treatment
  • Technology as a vehicle to enhance dissemination and implementation of services to underserved families
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